Join me in a 90-day experience, of the most interesting kind. The goal: to experience what it is like to be a Muslim woman in a mostly white conservative Christian town, in western Canada.

You may be asking “Why?” Well; in this day in age where the world is very judgmental of Muslim people I think it is important to see what it is like to be on the other side. Just this week there has been a mosque shooting in Quebec City  and I think that it is very important to understand the culture, so that people who are not Muslim can have more understanding and compassion for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

My goal is not to convert to Islam, I am quite happy with my spirituality as it is and I don’t need a religion at this moment, but to understand and immerse myself in the culture. And while I won’t be converting to Islam, I will be reading the Quran as to better understand the rules, practices and traditions that Muslim people practice.

I am not trying to “plagiarise” or “profit” off of Islam or Muslim people, I wish only to better appreciate what being a Muslim is like in contemporary Canada.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!